Is the Grungelizer plug in gone ? I installed it (1.2) but it’s not showing up.

This is not included with WaveLab for many years.

Thank goodness.

Last time i was asking (years ago) you suggested i should copy “GRUNGE.EXE” from the WL (2,3,4,) original cd it was stored on there!
It’s working in WL 6 and i often use it.The point is Steinberg gives away a “additional gift” every now and then and suddenly they are not supported anymore or taken away.


Did the plug in harm you in any way ?

This should still work with WaveLab if you have kept a copy.

No, of course not. I can’t imagine a plugin called Grungelizer being any use in a mastering program. :wink: I was being facetious.

As i wrote i installed it did a plug in rescan i could see the grunge.dll and booted as well .
But it doesn’t show up.


We’d like to thank you for choosing Steinberg Grungelizer! This device takes an approach
that is diametrically opposite to most other plug-ins: Grungelizer lets you
add noise, distortion, hiss and hum to your recordings! Why? Well, in this era of
digital audio, practically anyone can make a clear, crisp, noise-free, hi-fidelity recording.
And what do we find once that this possibility is available to us all? That
the distorted, humming and hissing, lo-fi quality sound you hear on old recordings
is sometimes desirable! Enter Grungelizer! It adds the following capabilities to
your system:
• Allows you to add realistic crackles, as if the sound was recorded on a
scratched 33, 45 or 78 rpm (revolutions per minute) record.
• Allows you to add noise (hiss) as from an analog tape recorder.
• Allows you to distort the sound.
• Allows you to process the sound using an equalizer that simulates the narrow
frequency range of a record player.
• Allows you to add ground hum, at 50 or 60Hz.
Enjoy the Grungelizer plug-in!
Your Steinberg team

With the new release of elements, PG had the great idea to give as a gift some “Legacy” plugs. to work properly, these plugs have to be located in a specific folder. Maybe this is related to your case?

Then possibly the underlying VST version used by Grungelizer is too old. I would need to put my hands on this plugin…

Maybe the i-zotope vinyl plugin (freeware) can be an alternative in some cases:

It don’t work either thank you.

PG i would appreciate it if you put your hands on this plugin :stuck_out_tongue:

And LutzR:I’ll give it a try.

I could find Grungelizer.dll on the web (version 1.1)
Put it there and it will work:
C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugIns\