GTR Amp & Cubase Noisy Couple

I have to say that this couple of software does no t get on very well.
i´m trying to use both of them and it is not possible, when I try to record my guitar in Cubase it is so noisy. My audio interface is an Audit ID4 with pristine channels.
Anybody with the same problem? How Can I fixi It?
Thanks in advance

If that’s the same GTR plugin that’s included with Waves Gold then i’ve used it in the past without problems. What kind of noise problems are you having? i.e. is it pops/crackles or just hiss/guitar noise?

I can try later on my system, as i’ve not used it since Cubase version 9.

Just check your levels coming in to Cubase are good and not clipping (In the mixer view you can view the inputs on your audio interface), and also that your ASIO buffer isn’t too low for your system.

My input signal has good level, no clipping at all. In fact, I can listen clearly without any processs but when I try to record it wiht the amp It is just awful.
I`m running Cubase LE 10.5
I have not checked the ASIO buffer, but with this same configuration and others Cubase plugings it sounds well.
Thanks in advance.