GUI and Colour Scheme

I have the trial version of C9 but tbh I cannot work with the GUI the way it is, I hate the colours, its hard on the eyes and everything just seems cluttered. If I could make the thing look like 6.5 the way I have it now, like a means to export the colours from 6.5 and bring them into 9 , is that possible ?

It really makes the difference about me upgrading or not.


You will not get exactly the same look.

Definitely not in the MixConsole, which has totally different look since Cubase 7. But of course, you can set it lighter.

Preferences from Cubase 6.5 are not overtaken to Cubase 9. It’s 2 major versions back only.

Yeah its pretty much what I feared, and about 70% of my recognised plugins in 6.5 do not show up in 9, so I think i’ll be stopping with 6.5 permanently.

I thought with each new numbered release things got better, not worse.

Support for 32-bit plugins was dropped. Still maintained plugins updated to their latest version should have a very high chance of working with 9.