GUI blues...

I know some of you are thrilled with the new sleek look of the GUI - I find more to dislike than like.

Here’s one which is just silly. The clip fade/gain handles. Not only are they invisible until you hover the mouse over them, they are also the SAME colour as the waveform, so with small track heights they are simply invisible. The only way to find them is to know where they are (!!) and hover over the top, so the cursor changes form.


I’ve spent the day making small changes to fade/level handles in big projects, and it’s absolutely worn me out.

PLEASE make the handles visible on a selected clip, as before.

I’m probably starting to repeat myself… But I think nothing should be hidden until you hover - it’s just not intuitive. Much better to give us a preference and shortcut key so we can turn it on, off or hover ourselves. Like ‘show clip names’ - the on/off preference is very useful.

+1 please, no hiding.


Agreed. Although visual clutter does add some amount of mental load, having to just remember what’s where with no visual cue is definitely worse.

+1, at least give them different colors :confused:

Aloha and +2.

I’ll see your +2 and raise you +3

100% agreed. This new coloring scheme is not professional. Steinberg employees don’t use their own software to do some serious producing and mixing work. Cubase is now aimed to producing hip hop beats with a bass line, a synth part and a couple of vocal tracks. For that, Cubase looks really great, so does FL Studio, Logic, Ableton Live or any sequencer, even an iphone app can do that.

But if you work on a 60 or 80 tracks session then Cubase shows some major workflow flaws and becomes a tiring program, where you spend most of the time looking for tracks, scrolling, and clicking all over the place, and adjusting windows.

They have been relying on macros and the logical editor to compensate for workflow problems but it’s not enough and it can’t be the answer for everything. Features need to be well thought from the start.

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I sometimes wonder, when I’m not fully occupied looking for fade handles, how Steinberg make decisions about changes like this. I would hope that they start with frequently asked for features and tweaks - though the extremely slow implementation of some of these suggests that the priority they place on customer requests is not high - nearly ten years to get triplets into the project grid…

I can see that they would need to just change things, whether asked for or not, just to move the whole game forward. That’s fine. But what if a great many users hate the changes - how do they score that? Take a straw poll in the forum of for and against? If the score against is less than say 75%, leave the change in?

The main resource this forum has to offer Steinberg is the vast array of professional and very experienced non-professional users. It would be daft if Steinberg did not make use of our opinion…wouldn’t it…?

Steinberg employees don’t use their own software to do some serious producing and mixing work.

Garbage what you are writing !!