GUI Customization

I hate to have to say this and I have been talking about it for over 15 years now. I realy hope that the developers get it someday or maybe I am not describing fully what I or we as users are looking for. Since 1996 I have suggested that the Cubase GUI needs to allow for more user costomization. What had disappeard completly from VST 5 through SX 3 has been gradually introduced back into Cubase with Cubase 4 - 6. Problem is that it seems to be getting worse and worse We have been asking for the ability to adjust the screen colors and backgrounds now for years and with this latest release which boosts wide customization, I feel that Steinberg has missed the mark again. Not only can’t I even get closed to the colors I have set up in C4, I cannot adjust any of the Font colors to suit my needs. In addition, the fact that all the preferences are combines, I cannot set one individually. So, if I set the general appearance of the work area to be very dark, (which simulates an actual recording console - duh) then all of the font colors change to a dark color as well and the editors change with that. The result is that I cannot see anything. Totally usesless! Which is why I will probably not purchase the update to 6 and just stay with 4. Unfortunate and personnaly, I think is junk. Love the features of 6 but too bad I cannot see any on a screen to my liking.

In the next release, would someone put a thinking cap on and please consider the following;

Customizable font color independent of project window, edit windows, mixer and inspector. All should be abe to be changed.
Customizable object colors for the progject window and the editor windows that are independent of each other - so I can set my project window dark and set my editor window light.

Is this too much to ask!


Sorry for the really bad spelling in my prior post. I guess I had so much on my mind that I typed to fast. I loaded the C6 trial last night and spent over 2 hours trying to tweak the color customization to at least like what I have in C4 and I could not even achieve that. I am dying to use all of the new features within C6 but not going to make a change until i get something I can really enjoy working with. I am going to try to take some screen shots and manipulate them within a graphics program to post for everyone to just see what I am talking about.

I wonder if there is a work around at all



The problem associated with running the project page as dark as possible (as per my preference) is that I can’t then adjust the vertical grid lines bright enough because the intensity is interdependent on the background.

As I have things set , level 1 lines are white-ish, but the level 2 and 3 lines are nearly as dark as the b/g, which I reluctantly live with.

It’s always seems to be the same with GUI adjustments. Getting the background brightness level down at long last was for me a major feature improvement, but why did there have to be this trade-off?

I would like to see fully adjustable and independent vertical (and horizontal) grid lines with respect to both colour and intensity. Then we’ll be getting somewhere.

I concur, Sir!


Well, it is nice to know I am not alone in this. I do not understand why Steiny can’t make every attribute user customizable. My two main problems are that if you set the project window to a dark color, the Edit windows piggy back on this color which makes viewing them impossible. You are definately correct about the grid lines. They either show up all in white or not a all. The customiztion for the progject window and the editors should be independent. Also, I notice that if you use dark colors, the fonts in dark boxes show up in a neon dark color. They should be white or user customizable as well to the user preference. And lastly, I cannot even any of the GUI to llok like the screens i have in C4. It always seems we go backward, not forward. Played around with it last night again for 2 hours and almost got something livable, except the List editor is now very dark and annoying. Try setting the quantize resolution to a 64th note triplet and watch what happens to your eyes when you go to a dark color. You will be seeing them for hours after you shut your computer down.

I guess the question is, is it possible that Steinberg could listen to our calls or are we going to have to wait another 3 years for a major update to see what comes next. As for me, I am still on the fence as to whether to update or not.

Thanks for your Ears and thoughts

Got my vote. Just download the C6 demo and I was hoping I’d be able to change the arrangement window and edit window individually. That was pretty much the only reason I’d buy C6. It’s annoying using a dark appearence (which is far nicer on my eyes) and then on the edit window have the dark note lane brighter than the white note lane. If anyone at steingberg is listening then please implement this and I will give you £110.

The whole color thing with C6 is quite different but NOT exactly better!!! It is not the easiest application to costumize at all…!!! I don’t even wanna start here the painful for a lot of users removing of the tracks background colors (still don’t understand why on earth Steinberg had to do this one…!) or the removed feature to change the colors of individual parts in the folder tracks …!

Hi. i just switched to Cubase & after decades of using Logic (for the superior sound actually) and i second your request.
My GUI preference is as light as possible, as my eyes are bad. I seem to have no real chance to get there momentarily.
Did anyone already post this as a feature request to the next update?

I sent a copy of my original post to the Steinberg support page and was told that the request would be forwarded on to the developers. I have been waiting for 15 years now for a better GUI and more control over it. hoping it might happen in my lifetime at this point. Here is the royal kicker. I just saw some screen shots of Halion 4 in Music Tech magazine. It looks georgous. So if Steinberg can do that in Halion, then why not Cubase???


  1. Independent control of coloring for Project Windw background and all editor windows backgrounds.
  2. Independent control for colloring of panels including mixer panels, backgrounds and inspetor window
  3. Independent control of font sizes and colors throughout Cubase
  4. Independent control for setting the color and size of grid lines for each level of vertical and horizontal
  5. Independent control for setting the color of the text and background color of the information pane in the list editor, (currently governed by the overall panel color which renders it useless when you use dark color scheme.
  6. selected notes in editor windows should show a highlight color, again independent control.

Thanks for all the support


Hi RJH Music -

Your list sums up a batch of sensible and badly-needed requirements perfectly.

I too cannot understand why any improvement to the GUI takes years to implement, and even then it’s usually accomplished in only a half-hearted fashion.