GUI elements too small


Using WaveLab Elements 11.2 on Mac Monterey. The UI elements are incredibly small on a 4K monitor with a HiDPI setup (not exactly Retina, but almost there).

I can’t find an option to increase the font and element size. As it is, it is unusable, unless one continually zooms in and out.

Any hint on some hidden configuration settings?


This is kind of a macOS issue. Their scaling is still behind where Linux was in about 2012 when I got my first 4k display and where Windows got in the last few years. With 4k, depending on the exact monitor and hdmi vs DP you might have to choose between bad options. Make sure “display all resolutions” and “display resolutions as a list” (under Advanced) are turned on. That gives you a few more options, at least over displayport. Over HDMI, it just doesn’t show all the resolutions that the monitor can do.

If you can’t find something you like, there is a program called Better Display that lets you use resolutions that macOS doesn’t seem to want you to use. I haven’t noticed anything like a performance penalty. On some displays, the other options it gives can work better.

I don’t remember where it came from. Probably homebrew.

It’s not a problem with display resolution. That one is fine with all the other apps running in my system. To be sure I can be absolutely free in choosing my preferred resolution, I use SwitchResX.

The issue is in WaveLab, obviously making use of some extraneous way of managing its UI. It’s not only the size of text and icons, but also the odd practice of adding icons next to menu items.

An example: the first dialog you meet contains text of “normal” size (even if with a font that is not the native system one), together with text of incredibly small size:

This is a comparison between Logic Pro (left) and WaveLab (right). The former doesn’t use a completely standard UI, but manages to make everything readable. Menu headings are big and well proportioned with other UI elements. Color contrast makes smaller fonts readable (contrary to WaveLab’s use of dark grey over even darker grey).

WaveLab also adds the chaos of the dreaded Microsoft ribbon UI, a device that even Microsoft has managed to clean a bit (at least in their Mac versions), by aligning the elements. In WaveLab, the ribbon elements are everywhere, with no sign of alignment. Just look at this detail:


While I can’t pretend that the UI is redesigned, I would kindly ask for a way to at least make the fonts a bit bigger.


Gotcha. IDK…it works out for me just not with the normal scaling options.

Maybe there’ll be a change in WL12 in a few weeks.