GUI Going crazy and program sluggish

Even with the problems of the missing beloved right click menu and other bugs, I have been still trying to get to grips with it for the past few days. It has been functioning but today it has started slowing down and getting sluggish. The gui is starting to go mad, specifically, the mix-down window in the centre is missing all the check boxes when trying to do a multi-track mix-down and the horizontal thick white lines start to appear within that centre box stopping me from reading the tracks, as soon as I click in there, they disappear, then come back again…dunno this is a strange bug.
I think whilst trying to incorporate higher 4k and 5K resolutions and ultra high pixel ratios to give better and sharper images, Steinberg have messed up the current resolution for those of us not fortunate enough to have such grandiose screens.
I don’t understand why it is slowing down now, it seems to be taxing my system which is:
i7 32GB Ram and tons of HDD space.
Even a project with no plugins and only around 12 audio tracks gets sluggish…very very strange indeed.
Basically it takes time to open windows and everything just takes a lot longer to operate…feels like 100 tracks with 50 plugins and vst’s
Never had this with 9.5 or any other version to be honest, I think in their haste to try and cram more future-proof stuff in this release, they have ruined what was a brilliant and efficient software and now (according to the forum) more bugs and issues which looks like it will take years to sort out.