GUI issue with Vienna Ensemble Pro

I haven’t had much time to try Cubase 10, but the only annoyance so far is that when trying to open any of the 64-bit Vienna Ensemble Pro plug-ins, I get a blank white space below the header (where the “connect” control would normally be). The created thumbnail is the same. This makes it impossible to establish a connection with VE Pro server locally or on another machine. As I recall, the 64-bit instances of VE Pro are VST2. No other VST instruments are affected like this. This appears to be a GUI issue only as a project created in 9.5 opened in 10 shows the white space but the actual connection is intact.

Anybody else experiencing this and is there a known fix?

Posting this on the Cubase forum and on VI Control for broadest exposure.

I’ve got the same problem. Don’t know of any fix. Back to 9.5 for now.

Just read another post. Seems many plug-ins have same problem. If you click on the arrow on the right of the GUI and un-click “always on top”, the GUI appears.

I don’t have this problem & all seems well with VE Pro for me. Adding some system information to your post might help narrow things down a bit.

Windows 10; 32 GB RAM; Intel i7-4790 CPU @ 3.6 GHz. VE Pro 6. This problem didn’t happen in 9.5 (which I still have installed). Using onboard graphics on Asus Z97 MB.

This worked - thanks.