GUI problems with bundled YAMAHA plugins

I really enjoy using the UR 28M
except that I am not able to use all of the functionality that I purchased it for.

The problem I am describing only occurs when I attempt to use the REV X and Channel strip on input channels.

When I try to use them on audio channels in the mixer it is all fine. But I want to be able to record with the artist hearing reverb and compression that is not printed to the track

When I click the “e” on the rev or comp on the “hardware” strip of an input channel, only the left half of the plug in’s GUI shows. No matter where I drag it on my screen I only get 1/2 the gui and therefor cannot access all of the parameters that might need adjusting.

In attempt to correct this problem I have updated my graphics card driver, uninstalled and reinstalled all the tools and drivers for the UR 28, and uninstalled novation automap.

screen shot of the behavior is at

I would really like to be able to use the full capability of the device.

my machine is W7 ultimate 64, with Cubase 6