GUI Scaling? [Resolved]

I recently installed a 3440x1440 wide screen monitor which provides great, uninterrupted, real estate when running Nuendo. However I can not seem to find a way to scale up the Nuendo GUI to enable some of the already minuscule dots and arrows etcetera to be seen clearly at a comfortable viewing distance. To overcome this I still keep one of my old 1280x1024 monitors attached so that I can drop plugins and stuff on to it if I’m having trouble seeing things on the wide screen.

I notice that the latest versions of other software (Arturia VST plugins for example) and the new UAD web site do include scaling and look great on the big screen, but neither Nuendo nor the site seem to feature scaling.

Am I missing something? I’ve tried the usual ‘Make text or other items larger’ options on the windows-7 screen resolution page but this only increases the font size of the first Nuendo window - nothing else is affected by the settings.

I love having the big screen, and it is a delight when running scale-able software on it.

I do use one of those curved beauties. It’s a very useful tool to increase workflow.

Coming from an Apple 21" Cinema Display, this is a big improvement about the quantity of displayed information. Scrolling has been divided by 3 and editors, waveforms…OMG! After some time, I got used to the smaller size of GUI because of the excellent screen definition.

Nuendo scalable GUI would be great though and sadly, apart Sylenth or Arturia’s, most of VSTs GUI (including UAD’s) are not yet resizable. Even the wonderful Sub 37 Editor which is resizable, cannot go as large as you would like it to be.

If I need to go very detailed about editing a channel strip, mastering EQ or a VSTi (don’t get me started on Oddity…), I use the Mac zoom keyboard shortcuts which are very convenient. Works like a charm.

Hallo Otto,

Many thanks for the tip. Zooming is the complete answer. It works perfectly. :smiley:

I had totally forgotten about using the Windows zooming features on a desktop PC, although I now remember trying it briefly on a tiny laptop I used to have.

The wide screen is indeed great to use (and even better now!)

Thanks for the tips guys…I’m going to try and use this with my iMac 5k…at the highest res you have a fantastic amount of screenspace, though fonts and menu bars to become tiny.