GUI slow mac 2013 cubase 9.5

Hi all
sorry if this has been brought up a million times, i just changed from a 2013 i5 mac 32mb 1gb nvidia graphics cubase was struggling the cpu was just hitting 100% with only 20-30 kontakt libraies.
i thought i would upgrade to a mac pro trashcan 2013 6 core, 64gb 2gb graphics 4k monitor through a display port
CPU is is much better gets to about 70% when i have lots of kontakt libraies open, still not great but at least the project plays back ok. but the gui is just really slow at times. i’m not sure if this is the mac or cubase. i have heard these mac pro’s can have issues.

cubase crashed out twice yesterday when autosave kicked in,it’s a common thing for me,crash report says little about the cause
really considering moving to logic after 30 years, really don’t want to but i wish steinberg would concentrate on stability and performance for a bit rather than new features.

is there anything i can do about the slow GUI? any options in cubase i can turn off to speed it up?

thank you