GUI sluggish since update.

When I bought Halion 4 a few months back it was at 4.5 and the GUI graphics were very snappy and working just fine.
But then after I installed one of the following updates (it may have been 4.5.2) the interface became sluggish and slow to respond (and stayed that way despite further updates). It’s still usable of course but something is not right. It’s a bit of a workflow killer.

Has anyone else noticed a difference?

I have not noticed a difference after a particular update, in fact, I have found the GUI to be sluggish right from the get go, especially with lots of slots loaded. Trying to jump between them certainly takes a second or two to respond and the redrawing of the zone page from one slot selection to the next is certainly choppy to say the least. If I have the mixer open, everything flows like it is going through molasses. I hope Steinberg find a way to offload the GUI processing to our graphics cards, cause even my quad core, with hyperthreading at 4.5ghz on an SSD isn’t enough to keep the GUI feeling snappy and responsive.

Thanks for the confirmation Cantankerous. I hope Steinberg can sort it out but I fear that if not enough people report a problem we may be stuck with it.

It has been complained about before actually…

That’s good to know. :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

Anytime my friend. I am glad you are enjoying Halion 4.x. Despite some of its short comings, I still find it extremely liberating to be using such a product. All my projects have been done with Halion 4 since its release and my work flow and enjoyment of working on tunes, has never been higher. Halion 4 and Cubase 7 will be the only software used for 2013 despite my UAD plugins. There is nothing else I need to be as productive as I am. Any further updates to either of the above will only be icing on the cake.

Yes Me too on a iMac :cry:

This happens to me also, but only when I have either a mixer tab or compressor visible. If either of those are hidden, the GUI runs fine, but as soon as I want to adjust the volume or compressor settings, the GUI slows down.

Sadly, it seems like Halion has taken a backseat for improvements by Steinberg. They appear to be more concerned with other things.

Much respect for Steinberg, but Halion needs a little work.

Yes guys I have since noticed I only have problems when the mixer is open. Cantankerous mentioned it in his post too.
No doubt Steinberg are working on updates. Hopefully it will be soon. Halion 4 has become one of my favourite pieces of music software. :slight_smile:

Its been awhile, still no update or info from Steinberg :frowning:
this has been a real issue for me

It seams for me that its sluggish when any of the H4 factory presets are loaded
all so any of the VST Instruments like Dark Planet Hypnotic dance causes processer
spikes :frowning:

Nothing much to do really but wait. :wink:

Mine’s gone a bit random too. Slowing and crashing a lot almost like an old style memory leak!

Are you running in 64 bit?

I’m running in 32 bit as most of my fave plugins only run in 32.

Interested to know whether there is a difference between 32/64

I’m all 64bit sonictimbo.

have you notised that if you use arrow keys on program tree, then Halion behaves better. Gui responds this way pretty well, but if u click between layers there is slight delay before screen gets updated…


I notised that when you have Edit/Sound tab open and select in programtree between zones and midi modules you will get 3-4 sec delay before ui responds again.
But if you change to Edit/Zone tab and go thru those same changes gui behaves as it should…

I made some futher test and if i made my own patch with quite many zones and added megatrig on layers and i didnt get any gui issues.

It seems that Halion 4 own content has this issue… You can test it following way.

-Open preset Real Slap Bass
-Select Edit->Sound tab
-On Programtree open layer Real SlapBass ->Monophonic ->Slap -> Slap MF
-Now Click between No Legato No Retrigger PB 0 megatrig and first zone on slap mf and back to the megatrig. Gui will freeze for a while

  • Now if you change to Edit->Zone tab and if you click between those same layers gui wont freeze, if you click between those two.
  • If you change back to the Edit->Sound tab , gui will freeze again
    It would be nice if Steinberg would comment on this issue…

I realy think there is a bug witch havent been fixed yet…

I can confirm that Jone.
Halion 4 really needs some bug fixing. I’m sure Steiny are working on it. Hopefully an update will come very soon. I’m checking every day!

Seems like it’s been quite in here for few months. Can any of you confirm whether you still have any issues discussed in this thread?

The reason I’m here is due to having CPU spikes when running one instance of Hypnotic Dance as VST. Haven’t tried running it inside HALion, but don’t see how that will make a positive difference.

It is pretty annoying having this issue as an overall experience working in C7 is quite pleasant. I’m certain that it’s not my computer. Everything else works well, however as soon as I play that one track with Hypnotic Dance, CPU meter starts spiking and then audio starts dropping out as well.

I’m running Win8 64 , UR22, Cubase 7.0.6

Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have personally found that things run much, much better in HALion 5. In fact, as someone who originally complained in this very thread, I never even remember that I once did so, until I am reminded of the fact. I am quite pleased with the performance and bug free nature of HALion 5 and although I cannot say for sure if it will fix your particular problem, I can say with confidence that things overall with HALion 5 are very rosy and certainly a joy to work with.

I do not own HALion 5, but I do have Sonic SE and tried it to run Hypnotic Dance and it does seem to work without any spikes, however my whole project started glitching. Seems like I’ve opened a whole new can of worms. I’ll try to re-install Cubase and maybe UR22 driver. Don’t have much faith in solving a problem by doing that, but it’s worth a try. Hopefully these issue won’t ruin my overall experience with C7 and eventually drive me away from it.

I hope not too. You really would be missing out on a whole lot. Your experience is certainly not a known one, in fact, I have heard of no such thing else where and I scour the net quite a bit about this stuff. I am assuming the problem lies elsewhere and I wish you the best of luck to get it solved.