Guidance for Sampled Accordion-Sound needed.


First I’d like to introduce myself:

I purchased a UR22 mkII recently and am recording and arranging my first piece with Cubase AI now.

I play the accordion and want to arange something for my “accordion bigband” (consisting of 12 accordions + rhythm section). Until now I am recording myself plyaying with a decent goose-neck mic. This works pretty well, but the sound is bad and I am not able to improve it easily.

Because I want to listen to the accordion sounds also from MIDI events I was looking for sampled accordion sounds and found this very good instruments:

My problem now is that I dont know the practical details of using such sampled instruments in Cubase.

  1. They offer instruments for " NI Kontakt VSTI". => Do I need to purchase both the samples and Kontakt as a VST instrument ? This would be very expensive: 189 for the kontakt samples + 399 for Kontakt ?

  2. Or would I need only “Kontakt Player” and configure that one as an VST instrument in Cubase? How?

  3. They also offer a sound-fount for below 100€. I wonder what the difference between a soundfont and the kontakt plugin is.

Actually I just want a decent sampled accordion sound (incl. some registers) to be controlled via MIDI… for low budget. 125€ for my hardware + cubase ai was a very good price. So I dont want to pay around or even over 200€ for some sounds…

Hi and welcome,

  1. No, you don’t need NI Kontakt. Kontakt Player is enough. It should be part of the library. If not, you can download from the NI web side for free.

  2. Just install Kontakt Player. The VSTi will be installed with it and it should appear in Cubase immediately. If not, set the path to the Kontakt Player VST3 file.

  3. In this case you would need the SF player. I woukd recommend you to go for Kontakt Player.

Well they require the full Version of Kontakt.

Is it possible to use arbitrary sf2 soundfonts in cubase ai? Can someone recommend a Tutorial or something how to get started with soundfonts in cubase ai?



There is no SF2 Player integrated in Cubase. But you can search for them in KVR Audio, like [=win64&ty=i&sf=3&pr=f]here]([).

I don’t see a reason for the full NI Kontakt. But you are right, it’s in their system requirements.