Guidance: Wavelab Le 7 soft-elicense upgrade to elements 11?

Hey guys, was wondering if anybody kind enough can help/guide me or had a similar licensing situation so i know what to be prepared for.

I used to have a wavelab le 7 license that came with zoom h2n thats registered on a mac that i dont have anymore with me. On my account it appears as activated over soft elicenser but it does not seem I can deactivate or move the license?

I bought an upgrade license from 7 le to 11 elements but im struggling to understand how can I deactivate the le 7 license from the old mac and then activate it in my current machine and upgrade it to 11 elements is that the correct procedure?

I raised a support ticket with steinberg but I’m not sure when are they gonna be able to reply its been a week now or worse its not under their slas to help?

Many thanks in advance!

I believe the first thing you will need to do is “reactivate” your old license …

Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support

In order for your new upgrade code to work, it needs to be able to see the license from which you are upgrading.

Hey @Scab_Pickens Thanks for replying and pointing me to that documentation.
I checked it but it does not seem I have any way to reactivate the old license on the new machine maybe I’m missing a step or something?

I read somewhere in the documentation that these activation codes that come bundled with 3rd party products can only be activated once so even if i had that activation code with me it would be worthless? as I dont have the original zoom h2n package to retrieve the old activation code.

And this on the eLicensers section, top is old machine with old activation and bottom is the new machine id i haver registered.

What happens when you click the big red “Reactivate” box?

I only get this :confused:

Something seems a little odd here. Have you entered the Download Access Code in the Steinberg Download Assistant?

Are you aware of the new Steinberg Licensing and Steinberg Activation Manager?

Erm I think so…? Is there something I missed?

For the download access code I dont have the original zoom h2n packaging hence i cant find the code anymore to add it again, I was expecting it to be in my products page but its not. So in this case is there anything I can do? And even so isn’t it for only 1 activation?

Many thanks @Scab_Pickens for helping out!

I’m not sure what you do or do not know, but the general information can be found here …

Steinberg Licensing: A New and Exciting Era Begins | Steinberg

I’m trying to figure out how your WaveLab Elements Upgrade got into your MySteinberg account. Some type of action must have been performed to produce that result.

Have you actually launched the Steinberg Activation Manager application?

Your old LE 7 would have been before the days of the Download Access Code. It would have been an Activation Code which, yes, can only be used once. However, if you need to switch computers it is possible (or, should be possible) to reactivate the license. This is all done through the soon to be obsolete eLicenser system.

The image of your MySteinberg account clearly shows the previously activated LE 7 license, which is why I am confused about the fact that you can’t reactivate it.

This one …

Thanks! read the documentation and it looks reasonable and much more easier to use the new licensing system based on IAM rather than the old e-licenser

That should not be the case? I’m not familiar with how they handle licenses.

Yep! and I get this verification pending which after that period what happens? do i lose the upgrade license?

Also tried with Steinberg download assistant where I get to this point, So the license is being picked up from local machine or their remote license server? if its local then makes sense that it cannot find the old wavelab le 7 license but if its remote then in theory it should have found it right?

Do any of these screenshot help at all @Scab_Pickens ? Im a bit baffled where did this procedure went wrong to be honest. Also is support usually that busy? I raised a ticket with them on 18th of May and it’s a bit concerning that I did not get even an acknowledgment email its just me posting updates alone in that ticket. :frowning:

Once again thank you very much for the help, appreciate it.

I am, too. I think you are back to the beginning - you need to have the LE 7 license showing in the old eLicenser Control Center for the new Elements 11 upgrade to work.

Steinberg Licensing: “Verification Pending” or “Expired” – Steinberg Support

Unfortunately, it seems you are not alone in that situation. I will say that I have only filed a support ticket two times over many years and had responses and solutions within a very reasonable time frame. I think it greatly depends upon your location.

Anyway … I am, sadly, out of ideas on this one. I am afraid the official support might be your only hope. Not want you want to hear, I’m sure.

Maybe the great @Ed_Doll has some ideas about how to proceed?

You’re welcome. Good luck!

Agree that seems to be the issue in this case.

Hope will get an answer next week at least, for what is worth I’m based in UK, in retrospective if I knew it would be such a hassle to upgrade an old license just to use wavelab again I would think twice :sweat_smile:

No problem at all will wait for support or @Ed_Doll if he can chime in with his wisdom.
Thank you very much for sparing out your precious time to help out!

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Sorry, back from a long weekend. Indeed, the original license is required for any update or upgrade. And yes, the migration from eLicenser to Steinberg Licensing makes the process more complicated but it will become much easier with any upcoming Steinberg Licensing only license upgrades.
I found the ticket and replied to it. We should be able to find a solution.