Guide to using PLAY with Cubase?

I know there are a lot of people here that use Cubase with their EW libraries so using search & going through threads can get me answers, but I’m wondering for a beginner if there is a go-to manual. I just got Cubase and am learning the very very basics (ex. when I have the PLAY engine opened as a plug-in and then I close the window, I don’t know how to open it again without needing to create a new instrument track - yes I am that basic!!).

So just wondering if there’s one source I can use to do all my learning while trying to figure out things for myself as time goes on.

Have you read the Cubase manual yet?

Or watched any of the Steinberg Cubase how-to videos, or other videos out there (big fan of Groove3 myself)?

There is a kind of chicken & egg element in your question. The folks who know the most about Cubase typically went through their beginner phase long ago & aren’t familiar with current beginner resources. At the other end folks may or may not have the correct info.

FYI there is an Edit Instrument button on each Instrument Track.

There is a ton of info in the East West forums that will help you:

The manual is online