Guillerette (pastiche baroque)

This is a «pastiche» in the baroque style. The complete title is :

(montée en pastiche, sur un lit de notes fraîches)

Played on a virtual Grimaldi harpsichord of Pianoteq Stage 7

… and if you care to play/learn it, here is the music sheet:
Guillerette Sheet music for Piano (Solo) |

Have fun!

Sounds good to me.


Great success for this pastiche. This is a version for harpsichord. Is there or will there be a version for organ or baroque orchestra?

Pianoteq’s harpsichord sounds really good.

Well done!


There is a baroque orchestra version cooking… But I have so many projects on the go (in Cubase and Dorico), I don’t know when it will be finished…
I love the Grimaldi harpsichord in Pianoteq (and also the Blanchet).
Thanks for you comment. It is really apprciated.

Scarlatti and Clementi are two of my favorites.

Very cool

My humble contribution to Scarlatti. It is a sonata without a Kirkpatrick number. The original score sheet has been discovered in 1985 at the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey in Spain.

This sonata is so touching…

Very nice. The harpsichord instrument sounds very realistic to me. Scarlatti was a master.

Thank you ! Actually, its not an harpsichord that I used for that sonata in particular, but rather the very realistic clavicord found in Spectrasonics Keyspace.

As someone who knows nothing of baroque composers (but enjoys Bach and Mozart), that sounds lovely and baroque. It’s very good of you to put your music up in written form for others to learn from.