Guitar amp sim in cubasis for android

Hello everyone
Need help as new to all this.

Ive manged to set up cubasis on a new lenovo android tab with a decent cpu and 6gb ram. got a presonus audiobox usb working and managed to use a yamaha p45 as a control so im quite proud.

My question is how do i get a guitar amp sim into the app, something like amplitube. i have been busting my brain for hours and cant seem to find an answer.

many thanks for your consideration to this question and looking forward to all your advice.

kind regards Julian

Tap the header for the track to highlight it. Then tap Insert Effects > Tap open slot (Tap to add effect) > Tap Inter-App > select Amplitude. If you want something different, find it under the other options once you’ve selected the insert slot.

More info here under the Effects section on left.

Cubasis Web Help

Hi @julian3,

Thanks for your message.

Unfortunately, Android does not offer any options to use 3rd party plug-ins, as it is the case on iOS (via Audio Unit, Inter-App Audio or Audiobus).

We suggest to let Google know, that you want to see this on Android too, making them aware about the demand.

In addition, you might use the included Amp Sim plug-in in Cubasis, however it does not provide similar features to Amplitube

Hope that helps!


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Sorry, didn’t know Android was different in this regard. My instruction were obviously for iOS.

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Midi mapping support for effect on/of f