Guitar Amp Suggestion For iOS Recording

Hey Everyone,

I was on a hunt for a good guitar amp that had plenty of modelling features so I could have a great variety of amp tones and stomp box effects when playing live. I came across this Fender Mustang 1 (20 watt amp) which looked like it would fit the bill. Best of all it has USB audio out as well as headphone/line out. If using the USB out, you can hook up to your iPad via the Camera Connection Kit. It works awesome btw.

Just wanted to pass on this tip for any guitar players looking for an amp.

Enjoyed the video, thanks…very nice job. You’re right, the audio sounded great. I bought a Fender G-Dec a few years back. I wish it had a few of these features. I still believe there is going to be a big explosion in this area of iOS equipment . Thanks again