Guitar amp to Cubase set up issues

Hi there.

I have recently bought the mk2 Boss Katana 100z head and I am trying to set things so I can recording guitars on my tracks created in Cubase 11.

I have the Katana set up to my laptop as instructed via the USB cable. These method is seen as better and easier than using the line out or rec out options.

The YouTube videos I have seen that in most DAWs you merely got into the preferences section change the input I/O to Katana and then leave the output I/O as your audio interface soundcard so I can listen to things via my headphones (in my case a newly purchased Steinberg UR22C unit). This is what I want to do ideally.

In the Studio set up section of Cubase I seem to be able only choose a single source, either Katana or the UR22C sound card. I cannot seem to split them. If I select Katana then create a track and strum the guitar I get a sound response on the mix console (so assume that is set up ok?), however I cannot hear what is played back through my headphones via the UR22C. Also, when I test record on this audio track and then play back nothing is recorded, so this could be a separate issue. :frowning:

The above is with the amp on standby mode which is recommended. If I turn the amp to use the small inbuilt speaker then I can hear what is played. For silent recording do I just put my headphone jack into the amp direct and listen from there and forget the UR22C? I will hear the guitar that way but not the rest of the track that is playing. I need to use headphones due to a) not having monitors and b) needing to be quiet due to sleeping kids.

I am going round in circles to get this all to work. I am a bit of a newb to excuse the stupidity. Any help anyone can give would be massively appreciated.


There are some threads that discuss using a USB microphone in Cubase floating around. That is essentially what you are doing here (USB audio input) if I understand correctly. Those threads might be helpful. The problem is, Cubase only allows selecting one audio interface, which you stated as the UR. If the Katana has a line out, I would use that into the UR if it were me. The USB audio method is more for someone without a proper audio interface. If you really want to use USB audio out then I believe it involves using ASIO4ALL as the device driver.

Yes, as Cubase only allows 1 interface the USB connection method for the Katana is out, although I will need to leave it connected so I can use the Boss Tone Studio while playing.

The other method is to use the record out/ phone jack and plug that into the UR22C. Then I can have the in and out in Cubase set as UR22C. I did try this before the USB method an couldn’t get it to work either. I will need to explore this option further, as it is clear the USB method is out.

Thanks for responding.

I am pretty sure you will be able to do it with ASIO4ALL.

I managed to get it to work ok using the rec out/ phones socket from my amp and into my UR22C. All works well now. Thanks.