Guitar Audio-to-MIDI conversion?

If Cubase has it I cannot locate it in the manual. Is there any way to plug a guitar into your interface and have Cubase convert the Audio into MIDI notes? Other DAWs do this so I was wondering if Cubase does. I am willing to accept if it only is able to do monophonic notes one at a time if need be. I would like to use the guitar to produce bass lines and possible lead work using a synth.

Thanks for your help,

There may be more ways, but you could use VariAudio for it. Record monophonic material, open the wave editor and run VariAudio. There should be an option there to export to MIDI - don’t exactly know where though.

I was wondering about VariAudio! Thanks for the scoop, I will take a look and see what I can find.

EDIT: Well I found that VariAudio does this simple as pie. You open the sample editor by clicking in the audio section of your track. Then you enable “Segments”. After that you click the Extract MIDI button and then follow the prompt as to where to put the MIDI. I chose “new MIDI track” I used it on a Audio File off a Dx7. We lost the MIDI due to a Cubase Lockup. But at least on this audio track (monophonic, no velocity sensitive stuff going on) it converted the audio to a very clean MIDI file including volume changes.

Next stop. Plug the guitar in and thump out a bass line, then convert it and see how it come out…


Or get this:
It’s pretty magical… :ugeek:. I use it with the standalone and bring the MIDI into Cubase with loopMIDI, basically treating my guitar and the converter software as an external controller. Awesome!
Edit: Forgot to mention it’s fully polyphonic… :sunglasses:


Polyphonic - Wow I did not know that, impressive. I will have to give that a go. Can that not be problematic though with noises and stuff creating false notes?