Guitar Bends - Show "partial release" in tabulature


I’m writing sheets for my music school students.

Is there a way to indicate the release of the bending from a whole tone to a halve tone.

This is how it should look like (from guitar pro).

Showing fret 18 in paranthesis would also be acceptable (though not 100% clear). Are there settings to accomplish this?

Greetings and thanks a lot!


Just to clarify: is your problem that Dorico doesn’t draw the “1/2” text on releases?

Yes. - Or more precise. Are there settings to automate this indication and ideally also the shape of the bend curve?

Many students will only see “release of the bend” but not the exact amount indicated in standard notation.

Unfortunately at the moment there isn’t a way to automate the text label or the shape of the bend curve. The bend curve is something that users have requested before but not the text, as far as I know.

Hi Richard,

thanks for your response. - I was hoping that I was overlooking because different bend heights seem to be supported if you bend up - but apparently not in rebends.

Is there alternativly a way to show - in the first example - a rebend to fret 18 in paranthesis?

Greetings and thanks a lot,

I’m afraid not - the fret number will only be shown when the note returns to the un-bent pitch.

With a bit of trial and error, I got to that comes near to what I wanted:


The “halve release” of the bend curve seems only to be supported if you choose a “note to note” bend, instead of using bend in the context menu.

I added a grace note in between (it could have also been two 1/16 notes instead) and the shape of the “halve release” curve will be displayed correctly.

I accidently discovered also a way to show the pitch of the last release note in tabulature:

  1. change the pitch of the note where the bend starts to the same pitch as the last release pitch.
  2. enter bends (in this case 18-19-18). This last note will be displayed in tabulature (in brackets)
  3. lower the pitch of the first note chromatically. The last note will still be displayed in brackets.