Guitar BIAS FX

I have recently moved to Cubase 9.5 Elements and have just downloaded BIAS FX for guitar. BIAS FX works fine as a stand alone but I can’t seem to get it to work in Cubase Elements 9.5 (I’m using the demo version for both) Running on Windows 10.

I’ve tried moving the BIAS FX into the VST folder but that didn’t work.

Very new to using both VSTs and Cubase. Any help most welcome


A few thoughts…

  1. Are you sure you installed the 64 bit version? CB Elements 9.5 won’t recognize 32 bit VSTs.
  2. Where exactly did the .dll or .vst3 file get installed?
  3. Is the installed location from question 2 one of the folder locations that is being scanned by Cubase? Check this in the Cubase Studio>VST Plug-in Manager>VST2 Plug-in Path Setting menu (accessed by clicking on the button at the bottom that looks like a gear). You can move that .dll or .vst3 file to one of those folders listed or add the folder you want by clicking on the + button.

Regards :sunglasses: