Guitar chord diagram for 7-string guitar Russian tuning (d,g,b,d,g,b,d)

Could you do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and post the zipfile here? That will include your saved defaults, so I can take a look.

Actually, looking at the project file posted further up the thread, I think what you’ve done here is to edit the built-in “Classical Guitar” instrument, instead of creating a new instrument. So probably it will be in the list of instruments, but it will still be called “Classical Guitar” in the list. I suspect what you really want is to create a new instrument and save that as default.

You are absolutely right! Thank you! But how do I correctly create a new instrument? I thought you need to make it based on an existing instrument.
And is it possible to add Russian guitar to the list in the future updates? It is an instrument played by a lot of people. Russian guitar - Wikipedia

At the bottom of the instruments list on the left of the Edit Instruments dialog are a couple of buttons:


The one that looks like a “+” sign will create a new instrument, based on the currently-selected instrument. (The button next to it creates a new variant of the current instrument - variants are used for things like alternate transpositions.)

Anthony has a video on this topic on the Dorico YouTube channel

I selected “Classical Guitar” but it still shows 6 string guitar tuning :frowning:

Editing the instrument in the score to change its tuning may not change the tuning that gets saved as default - this is quite complex stuff unfortunately. I suggest you “un-save” the classical guitar instrument to get rid of what is already in your saved defaults, then open this file, find the “Russian Guitar” instrument that I have created in the instrument editor, and save that as a default. Hopefully that will work. I have also set up the chords-used frame in this project.

Project 1 edited.dorico (1.1 MB)

(I am going to be away from my computer soon and may not be able to look at the forum over the weekend.)

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I watched that video. I created a new Instrument, but when I try to change it in Setup I don’t see it. I guess I am doing something wrong.

Got your file, Richard! Thank you so much! Where do I put 10 stars for your help!

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(You can find the post of Richard’s that helped you break through and give him a Solution Checkmark in the box provided.)

Glad you and Richard found a solution.

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