Guitar chord diagram for 7-string guitar Russian tuning (d,g,b,d,g,b,d)

Hello! I am working on a piece for a Russian 7-string guitar and need chord diagrams. I created a new 7-string guitar with Russian tuning in Library/Instruments, but Dorico shows only empty diagrams. Is it possible to add the chords to the diagrams manually? Thanks!

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Should be, absolutely!

Great! Figured it out. Thanks, Lillie!

Another problem. Doesn’t show chord diagrams at start of flow. Makes space for it bu no diagrams.

Do you have page overrides on this page? If so, you’ll need to remove them.

Taking a wild guess: if your override was deleting the text frame that said “1. Flow 1”, see here for a better way:

Your are a genius as always, Lillie! Thank you!

My saga does not end. :frowning: It shows diagram for a standard guitar tuning and would let me select 7-string Russian guitar that I created in Instruments. It is just not there.

On the top 6-string guitar, below 7-string. Go figure!

Could you post your project here? It might make it easier to work out what’s going wrong.

Thanks for trying to help, Richard! Here’s the file. It would not let me to select a new Instrument I created, it is simply not there.
Project 1.dorico (1.1 MB)

That menu doesn’t list instruments, it list tunings, so you want this one:


This is what I get

Is that in a new project, or in the project you attached to this thread? You will need to add the 7-string guitar to the project first, and then the custom tuning will appear in the list of tunings. (In v4 you will need to close and reopen the project after adding the guitar in order for the tuning to appear in the menu - that’s a bug we fixed in v5.)

in the project I attached. I have v5

Also, is it possible to save the Instrument for future projects or do I need to create it every time? I am surprised that Russian guitar is not on the list of fretted instruments. Thanks!

This is what I see when opening your project:

You can export a tuning using the “Export Tuning” in the Edit Strings and Tuning dialog, or you can re-use an instrument by clicking on the star icon in the Edit Instruments dialog to save that instrument as a default.

Strange. Can someone from tech support do screen sharing with me? I don’t have what you have. I have the latest version. Also when I start a new project I don’t have the new instrument although the star is selected.

Do I need to reinstall Dorico? Thanks!

That screenshot is from a new project though - not the one attached to this thread. In a new project you’ll only see the default instruments in the instruments list, and you’ll only see the default tunings in the tunings list. If you want to add an instrument to all new projects then you need to save it as a default instrument. If you want to add a tuning to a new project then you either need to import it from a doricolib file or you need to have a default instrument that uses that tuning.

Yes, new project. But the instrument was saved as a default instrument in the previous project.