Guitar Chord Dictionary


Is it possible to create a guitar chord dictionary in Dorico Pro 3?

I’m wanting to create an expanded version of something like the following handwritten example.

Thank you.
4th string Movable Chord Shapes.jpg

Not at present, but Daniel has said they have plans for expanded options regarding chord diagrams.

Get yourself a vector drawing app
for all my chord sheets I use Affinity designer and publisher
It takes some times at the beginning to set up some assets/symbols of your preferred tool box shapes (grids, sizes, dots etc).
but you then have the power of building your own sheets for your students, and stop waiting for a probably far away implementation in Dorico.


Thanks guys. Hopefully, it won’t be too far off now that there are chord graphs in Dorico. I’ll look into the publishing software. I need to do something that looks good.