Guitar Chord question

I have a piano (midi import) and added a standard guitar player. I started to add chord symbols for the guitar track, but the same symbol is also added to the piano track. If i delete the one in the piano track, the one above the guitar staff line is also removed.
This is what I want: Chord symbols only shown for the guitar.
What am I missing here?


Pianos are set to display chord symbols by default, but you can hide them for each player (note that “all instruments” means all instruments held by that particular player)

The reason they both get deleted when you select one is that chord symbols are by default essentially system-attached items, which makes it easy to show the same chords for multiple staves.

Thanks Lillie. Works for me for that song.
I wonder, however, how this is gonna work if I’d have more than one instrument playing chords?

Do you mean you want multiple instruments to show chords? Or each instrument to show a different chord on the same beat?

If the former, it’s the same process: you determine which instruments show chords.
If the latter, you can input local chord symbols.

Ok, good to know that will work.