Guitar Chords Not Sounding

I entered repeated crotchet Cs into a guitar part as rhythmic gate-posts, turned these into slashed noteheads and then typed chord signs in, using Shift-Q.


Two questions:

  1. Why does Dorico not play back the correct chords? (All I hear is C-C-C-C drone.)
  2. How does Dorico know to repeat the last chord sign on the next slashed note, when there is no chord sign above that note? (I wouldn’t want to repeat chord signs unnecessarily in the player’s part.)

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Evan. I don’t think you’re using the right workflow here so I’m going to try to explicit it for you.
If you know what notes and rhythm you want to hear, by all means, write them (normal notation)!
Then, transform those bars in slash regions. The Play engine will play the notes underneath the slash region, no matter what the chord track says.
If you really want the chord track to play too (hammond organ for instance) you must enable its playback in Play mode and give it a vsti instrument (it’s high in the left panel, the instruments panel). But it won’t play any interesting rhythm, only the chords given in the chord track.
Hope it helps!

Thanks Marc.

So the play engine does not play the chord symbols, only notes manually entered in regular notation.

By ‘transform those bars in slash regions’, do you mean just turn the regular chords into slash notation? - I ask, because I thought slash notation just showed the same, single note slashed and repeated.

Thanks again for taking the time to explain this. :slightly_smiling_face:

The play engine can play the chord track, but you need to assign a vsti instrument to it. Meaning: it’s not your guitar staff (nor any other staff that shows the chords) that controls the chord track. It’s independent and can appear above each staff on your score, should you need it!
I suggested you to use slash regions instead of slash notation if you know what you want to hear from the playback but don’t necessarily need to show it detailed in your score
I don’t know how to handle this with slash notation, although I suspect you could have a similar result by simply transforming a perfectly notated part into a slash voice, but I confess I never have done it (not the kind of music I’m used to editing).
Hope it helps further!

In other words, there’s no connection between the notated slash rhythm and the chord symbol. The chord symbol playback engine will play the chord once, at the point where its symbol is written.
If you want playback of the chord symbol rhythmically, you’ll have to either :

• actually write out exactly what you want to hear and then hide it with a slash region or convert it into a slash voice, or
• put chord symbols in all the places where you want to hear them, and then hide them. In your example, I think you would need to put the Cm6 twice, as well as the F.

And yes, you need to assign a sound to the chord track in play mode, the loudspeaker symbol needs to be blue and on the left, assign a VST.

Marc, I just tried to paraphrase you, for another angle… :wink:

Cheers, Benji

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Lillie and her colleagues have spent a lot of time explaining these things in the various manuals and the First Steps Guide and has made them all searchable. Perhaps you could save time (and show respect for the time Lillie and her staff have spent) by checking the manuals.


Thanks YourMusic.Pro, this is really helpful.