Guitar Chords to MIDI

Hello! I’ve mostly been using percussion functionality of Dorico, and am now starting to venture into guitar.

I input the simple progression shown in the image below… and exported to MIDI… the result on a piano roll in Live is as you can see… I was expecting to see 5- and 6- string chords. Is there a way to affect this to get the ‘full’ set of notes?


If you input the Chord Symbols using a MIDI keyboard, it should export the notes that you played.

I think the OP is asking can Dorico output notes just from the chord symbols. I’d say no, but I may be wrong.

@Andro , what the OP shows is that Dorico does create MIDI notes, but only a set of the triad. I know you can input the notes you want to hear, through a MIDI keyboard (the solution given by @vgpichardo right before your answer), but I cannot confirm those notes are exported through MIDI (although it seems logical they would).

Yeah, they do, I tried it out and imported them in Cubase and it does work, the last chord was input with a MIDI keyboard and it did export correctly (the first three were written with text only)

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My piano skills for example, are very bad, and I would love the option of having the chord playback engine render the exact notes contained in the diagrams.
The team may consider this a feature request… :wink:


As per my original request… it’s to have the notes rendered to midi per the guitar symbol… as a percussionist, translating a chord name to a guitar symbol to piano notes is the job I’m looking for the software to do for me…

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