Guitar Effects in Halion Sonic

I have halion Sonic SE for with Cubase elements 8 I was wondering if someone knows if you can plug an electric guitar into halion Sonic and get different lead guitar sound effects I’m kind of new to this.
I know how to make synthesizer affects what I was trying to plug in an electric guitar and didn’t know the process thank you

Hi and welcome,

HALion Sonic SE is a virtual instrument. You have to feed it by MIDI data, not by audio signal. Therefore this is not possible, if you don’t have a MIDI guitar.

What you are more likely wanting to do is add an audio track to your project. Then add FX to the inserts of the audio track. You can then plug your guitar into the interface, route the interface to the audio track and arm/monitor the track. There are zillions of plugins out there that are specifically designed for guitar.

There are a few plugins that will convert the audio signal into MIDI notes. You could then route the output of those effects to the HS SE instance. This is a pretty advanced configuration for someone just getting started. But JamOrigin is one such plug. You can watch the tutorial videos for examples of how to configure it.