Guitar Fingerings above notes not beside them

For my own purposes I was able on May 15 to get the fingerings printed above the notes. I probably lied about what instrument I play.I should have written down how I did that, and I will this time, if you can help me remember how to do that. I don’t care if the world thinks this is guitar music, any which way I can get numbers above the notes is ok with me. Can you help?

Engraving Options > Fingering > Design > scroll down until you see the “Advanced Options” tab, immediately below the “Pinky finger indicator” section. Click to open the Advanced Options tab, then scroll down to “Fingerings inside the staff”. Untick “Allow left-hand fingerings inside the staff for fretted instruments”, Apply and Close.

I don’t know what I would have done without you these last few days. It’s just about all working now. Thank you!