Guitar FX

First things first, I love Cubasis - keep up the good work team. It’s great.

I’m making an album of mainly guitar music and am having a few issues working out how to get the best guitar sounds. I dont want to record live from my amp as my homelife makes that simply impractical. In addition to that, I like to be able to tinker with sound post recording to get the best overall sound. I also frequently use multiple guitar tracks to really get a good heavy layer in a song. The onboard guitar FX are OK, but not really the final sound I’m looking for and there are no decent guitar FX that come as audio units. This is a problem because although I’m led to beleive that BIAS FX and Tone stack are great this would mean you could only apply them to one channel at a time, and can yousave presets.

My work around is to buy BIAS FX, Tone Stack and the ‘Orange Amplitube’ and use them as IAA on send tracks.

Has anyone got experience of doing this or a workable alternative.


We’re glad to hear you love Cubasis!

Here is a short suggestion how to use an IAA effect for several tracks

Make sure “Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track” is unchecked in the Setup/Arranger Section


  • Edit your recorded track (Track 1) with the IAA effect settings matching to your taste
  • Tap track freeze button to create a mixdown version of Track 1 including the FX settings
  • Unfreeze Track 1 by tapping the freeze button once more
  • Move the audio event of Track 1 to a new track and set it to mute afterwards
  • Record a new audio event on Track 1 and set FX settings at your taste
  • Follow the steps above

I’d suggest to get in touch with the app manufactures to ask them if Audio Unit versions of their apps are in the making!

Furthermore please make sure to check out the Mobile POD 2.0 app of our friends at Line 6 also!

Have great fun being create
& best wishes,