Guitar Guide Fingers

Hello - two simple questions rolled into one, if I may…

See attached screen dump showing a chord with guide fingers.

Question 1… Can I show guide fingers on the E chord without having to repeat the first D fingering on the D chord that immediately precedes the E chord?

Question 2… Why are some of the guide fingers sloping the wrong way - is there an easy fix?

Trivial, I know, but I appreciate hearing from someone!

I’m not completely clear on what you’re asking in your first question, I’m sorry to say, but it should be possible for you to clear the fingering on any chord simply by selecting the notes and choosing Edit > Fingering > Reset Fingering.

For the direction of the fingering slides, check that the String property is set correctly for both the chord on which the slides appear, and for the preceding chord, so it’s clear to Dorico which string the finger is sliding along.

If, in the Properties Panel, you identify each note’s string and the same for the next chord, it does work. It isn’t always necessary if the ‘default’ string is the one you want, but in this case the B and E are in a higher position. I would love to be able to control how far back one could refer to a note as the one ‘slid-from’ e.g. in the Properties Pane to be able to have a slide from the top B to the A here …

Sorry not to reply sooner - I was away from the Mac that has my Steinberg Login.
Thank you @dspreadbury and @andyforrest - it seems clear from what you say that Dorico has assumed the B and E are open. Yes, I will try that in a moment.
As for Daniel not understanding my first question, I think Andy has… If I remove the fingerings on the final D chord, Dorico doesn’t seem to offer me any guide fingers, despite the first chord being fingered and the chord being repeated. I prefer not to add unnecessary fingerings as it can confuse (suggesting something has changed) rather than reaffirm. That’s the bit that I was seeking clarification on - how to get guide fingers from a chord several beats earlier…

Provided you specify the String property you shouldn’t need to add the fingerings themselves to get the fingering slides to appear on the subsequent chord.

Thank you @dspreadbury - your second comment has fixed my problem. Interestingly, I did a “show string indicators” on the E chord, and they were all set as I expected, but when I forced the string in “notes and rests”, although the string indicators stayed as they were, the guide finger indications appeared. That made stumbling across the solution less likely, hence my appeal for help!