Guitar Harmonics and tab questions

I have a few questions regarding harmonics and tab generally.

  1. I have a piece of music whereby Dorico is forcing a specific position (2nd note in example). For the pitch I need I can hold the note at the 7th fret and play the harmonic touching the 5th above and this is fine but I would like to be able to play that harmonic at what would be the 26th "fret’ position. Am I stuck with the 14th fret indication for the tab or can I override that at all. The pitch is available there too and it’s where I play it.

  2. Is there any way to indicate harmonics in the tab itself. I often see brackets of some kind in various publications. I am often asked to do this for publishers.

and more generally

  1. To move a tab note to another string I have to select it, then go down to the properties and find notes and rests, hit ‘String’ then select the string!! This is a long process if moving a lot of notes. Just wondered if there was a quicker method?


To move a note from one string to the next, select the fret number in the tablature and hit N to move to the string above or M to move to the string below.

I’m not too expert on guitar harmonics so I will defer to my colleague @Richard_Lanyon on those points.

Hi Steve,

Unfortunately numbers 1 and 2 aren’t currently possible in Dorico, though they have both been requested in the past so we are aware that people would like them. As Daniel says, number 3 is possible already with N or M. Note that those shortcuts only move the note up or down by one string at a time, so if the only alternative position for a harmonic is on a non-adjacent string (e.g. for natural harmonics) you may still have to use the properties panel.

Thanks for the speedy replies. Good to know these things are on your radar.

M & N!! Excellent. This speeds up things considerably.


I should probably add, with number 1 on your list, this is possible with natural harmonics - that’s what the “Node” property is for. It just isn’t currently possible with artificial harmonics.