[Guitar]Line6 Helix Native and Two Notes Wall of Sound VST loading in Cubase 10.5 LE AI Elements

I own a registered copy of Cubase 10.5 LE AI Elements. Mostly for electric guitar mixing and fx.

I need Line6 Native users and Two Notes users for this one. This might be a bit advanced or even not doable but I am trying it. I also use a Helix Stomp. I run a Scarlett and have Focusrite Control software for it.

I have been a fan of IR loadboxes for my tube amps. I use a Two Notes box. Anyway I have a lot of cabs I bought from Two Notes (propriatry files) and want to use them with a Helix amp profile through Cubase. So no more real amps for now.

Diagram here. Image.

I use inserts for VSTs for a single channel in Cubase. The red line in the attached diagram indicates it. I use two VSTs in blue under it. Helix Native first and then Torpedo Wall of Sound plugin from Two Notes.

In Native my Setlists have a NO IR directory which means no cabs only heads in the presets list I am editing. The yellow lines in the attached diagram show this amp head only selection in Native.

So that leaves Wall of Sound VST next which is where I have a good profile collection. I believe with both activated in the inserts in that order that WOS behaves as IR system?

This is where I have two small problems. The first has to do with an FX loop. Iā€™d like to be able to use FX from Native. So I put a green circle around a Delay. I think this delay when on would be an unintended pre-delay payway before the signal hits the IR loader in WOS. Is there a way I can set it one up properly?

If I spend some time working on a nice WOS setting can I make it into an IR and then load it up as an IR in my Stomp using Helix Edit uploading?

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