Guitar Looper Pedal-like workflow in Cubase?

Hello, I’m a potential former DP user looking heavily in to Cubase over the last month or so.

While both programs have a great number of pros and cons, there is one major thing in Cubase for me so far that’s causing me a lot of workflow troubles: live looping.

I use live-looping a lot when composing and trying out ideas. In DP I use a feature called POLAR. Here’s a few videos on how it works/what it is. -

Very similar to guitar looper pedals like the RC-300, infinity looper, boomerang etc…

Is this a workflow I can achieve using Cubase 8.5?

Perhaps to make this more clear, I’d like to hear the previously recorded takes while cycle-recording.

Try this:

Create several MIDI/Audio tracks, as many as you think you’ll need. I’m sure you could find a way of creating a new (duplicate) track on the fly but I’m not sure how badly that would interrupt proceedings…

You now need to create a couple of Preference Presets. Go into Preferences and tick the ‘Store marked preferences only’ option (at the bottom). A ‘Store’ column appears.

  • First, your current settings.

  • In the ‘Store’ column, go to Editing > ‘Project & MixConsole’ and select both ‘Enable Record on Selected Audio/MIDI Track’, then go to VST and select ‘Auto Monitoring’.

  • Hit the ‘Store’ button and save as, say, ‘Loop-station OFF’

  • Now your loop-station settings (keeping the ‘Store’ column as it is):

  • tick both ‘Enable Record on Select Audio/MIDI Track’, then set VST>‘Auto Monitoring’ to ‘Tapemachine style’.

  • store as, say, ‘Loop-station ON’

Nearly there… I’ve also found it necessary to create a Key Command for Project > ‘Select Track: Next’ because when you’re recording the cursor keys won’t do it.

Works for me, though you may prefer other Auto Monitoring options. The only drawbacks are having to pre-create the tracks you need (but you can create a template for this), and that you may now need to work out how to put the ‘Next’ command on a foot switch. Also, I’m not sure how the monitoring side of things will work with MIDI, there have been recent changes to how this works.

I’d be interested to know how you get on and what modifications you come up with.


Hi Robert,
You may find this plugin interesting:

Thank you very much for this!

Also Crotchety, I missed your post originally. I’ll get to trying your method there soon.

There’s also GVST Gloop which is freeware.

Looks like the best solution currently is Loop Recorder.

For now, I’ll just continue to use my hardware though. :wink:

Cubase really needs a looper VST or looper feature.

I was trying to implement the talented girls looping technique in Cubase but I don’t have a touch screen and find it challenging to play guitar and activate record tracks with a mouse while playing. (I’m probably just not talented or coordinated enough to pull it off ((; )

Has anyone tried this looping software?
If so how does it integrate with Cubase?