Guitar loops

Hi all,

I would like some opinions on which are the best acoustic and electric guitar VST strumming programs I can buy. I need decent MIDI loops that cover jazz, country, light blues, and perhaps some ballads. I don’t need Metal, Hard Rock, Funk, EDM, or anything resembling those styles. So far, the AAS Strum GS-2 may fit my needs. It’s on sale too. Opinions welcome. Many thanks…

I have Strum GS-2 and give it a thumbs up. I haven’t found any glaring limitations yet. I play guitar, but still find it useful, well recorded, lots of strum patterns, with a variety of guitars. Also if you render the Audio you could use Padshop to build other strums, or if you have Melodyne the possibilities open even more.

Many thanks, Raino. My needs are pretty simple. I’ll look into it further.