Guitar notation hammer ons

Hi everyone. I’m having a wee problem with entering hammer-ons in guitar notation. I have a hammer-on at the last beat of a bar, and I want the last note to be held on into the next bar. If I try and extend the last note, the hammer-on is incorrectly moved off the final note in the previous bar and onto the first note of the next bar, thus:

The only way I can get the notation correct is to use a slur rather than a tie on the notes, as here:

Which looks fine, the way I want it. The problem is that in playback, the final note is sounded twice instead of once.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

If I understand correctly, changing this option in Library/Engraving Options will correct this.

If you make the slur end on the first note, the hammer-on should remain centered between the two quavers. (Edit: Same as above, but you can change this either for all slurs project-wide in Engraving Options, or just for individual slurs using the Properties panel.)

Or, if you want the slur extending to the 2nd note in the tie chain, switch to Engrave mode and nudge the H indication to the left.

Hi Dan and Lillie. Thanks for your replies. I probably didn’t explain myself very well. I don’t want to change the properties of slurs, just the behaviour of guitar-based hammer-ons (ornaments panel), which don’t seem to handle TIED notes very well. HOWEVER, Lillie, your suggestion of doing some nudging in the Engrave mode should work fine. Thanks!


to be clear: The legato/hammer-on slur in your first pic goes from the G# to the end of the tied A, and, importantly, the H is centered on this slur. If you change the end attachment of the slur, the H will go along…
And since a movie will say more than a million words, here we go…


Have a great day!!