Guitar Notation+Tab Capo Chord Symbol


Is it possible to have the guitar notation in the sounding key and the tablature in the ‘capo key’ with the capo chord symbol?

Like this, but then the C chord symbol above the tab instead of above the notation instead of above the tab.


Yes it should be, have you added a capo to the guitar instrument? That updates tablature but doesn’t necessarily update the notation staff.

If you did want the notation staff to reflect the capo, you would set its transposition and then use it accordingly.

I don’t think you can show the capo chord symbol separately above the tablature, but you can show the capo chord alongside the “main” chord.

You can have either the main chord symbol or the capo (transposed) chord symbol or both, according to how you set this:


Thanks both!

So, if I understand correctly, it’s not possible (yet) to only show the capo/transposed chord above the tablature?

I would like to keep the notation as well for reference to the singers, but don’t need the Eb chord symbol.
The C chord above the notation instead of tablature would seem confusing to me, but I would like to keep the C chord because of quick ‘‘access’’ to the chord.

Maybe in this case the best option would be to leave out the chord symbols all together :slight_smile:

Ah, you mean you want to show notation+tab but you want to see the chord symbol above the tab, instead of above the notation? No, I’m afraid there isn’t a way to do that. You could select the chord symbol on the notation staff and use the properties panel to change “Placement” to “Below” - that’s the closest thing I can think of.