Guitar Pedal Efx Digital vs Physical

Hi All,

Just want to find out opinions for guitar effects, which one do you prefer, physical effects or digital?

My personal opinion on this is physical effects…because of the ‘real sounding feeling’ and the convenience of jamming in public studios as compared to using digital.

Digital for me, that way I don’t have to pay out for loads of pedals and amps that I would probably never use, in the hunt for a “signature” guitar sound.
I like experimenting with just amp Sims and different FX in my quest, I haven’t got there yet but my experimentations have thrown up some good candidates for my signature sound!!

Jim B

With digital you can get more fx for a lower cost, also is possible get high quality free/magazine-ware plugins.

Split your signal. Record a “wet” and “dry” track simultaneously. Then you have your “I’m a proud real guitarist track” and your “I can do whatever I want with it” track.

I’m not sure what you mean by “jamming in public studios” … ? :confused:

Thanks for all the response, am still learning how to get “that idealistic tone” but definitely is a fun process. By jamming in public studios meaning, in Singapore we have to rent a studios which are quite basic, meaning amplifiers, drumset, microphones and speakers are what you get, seldom it comes with mixers and stuff, meaning, I would have to bring all my stuff, Audio Interface, Laptop, wires, instruments to setup…and normally the sessions are like 2-3hours…

Consider yourself very lucky to live somewhere where even that is available!

Have you considered the Line 6 Helix range? You can get the same sounds from the plugin as you can from the pedals, and it even comes with free Cubase!

On a more basic level, I carry a Pocket Pod in the guitar case, so at least I have some control over the sound when I don’t have my own gear. Other than that, the less gear the better – less to carry, and quicker to set up and break down.