Guitar playing sounds only in right ear with headphones in UR22c

Hello everyone,

I seem to have a newbie problem I guess! I can hear my guitar only through the right ear of my headphones. Is there a way to have sound in both ears?

First I’ll explain my setup: I use a Steinberg UR22c, with Cubase Elements 8, Fender Superchamp X2 amplifier and AKG k240 studio headphones.
I use the stereo out of the Fender amplifier with a stereo jack - XLR male cable into the UR22c input 2 with hi-rez button activated. Normal playback comes to both ears.

Is there anyone who can assist me with this problem?
Thanks in advance!

Hello. Try this.

Or this.

And take a look in your virtual mixer panorama left right. In and out signal and direct monitoring too.
See the manual to you cards.
Best regards.

Thanks Viktor! Now I never use the stereo out again…and I have found the solution for the headphones in the info you send me.

No problem buddy :+1: