Guitar pre bend not working on sixteenth-triplet note

I’m trying to add a pre-bend to the selected note. But as you can see, nothing happens:

I have no problem adding a pre-bend to a quarter note as you can see in the image.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

In general it’s certainly possible to add a pre-bend to a note of this pitch. Can you attach the project itself here so we can take a closer look? You can save a copy of the project and delete all of the other bars before you upload it, if you like.

Here is the project:
Reflections for B.B.dorico (889.8 KB)

The problem appears in bar 10. After adding the prebend there, the project lost all guitar bends in bar 7 (the grace notes) and I am not able to add them back.

Daniel may well have more insight here than I, but I think the problem is that you have somehow ended up with a bend (not a pre-bend) from and to that particular note. You can’t see it, because it isn’t drawing properly, but I think that is what is causing all the problems here. If you create a new score, copy and paste everything except that note into it, and then re-enter that pitch, it should all start working.

It would be interesting to know how you managed to create a bend to and from the same note, as that isn’t supposed to happen!

I started first inputting that bend by hand. I added a grace note and then clicked the guitar bend symbol in the right panel (jazz things). Then I realized that I can’t enter the parantheses by hand so I looked up guitar pre-bend in the manual. I think I just then deleted the grace note with the bend and then tried to add the pre-bend as per the manual.

Now the whole file seems corrupted, as it does not show any previous bends that I had inputted. It also hangs when I tried to change sixteenth note triplets into sextuplests as I asked in another thread. After entering insert mode and selecting the relevant notes and deleting, Dorico just shows a watch cursor and nothing ever happens. How can I recover my work?

The previous bends aren’t missing - they’re still there - but Dorico doesn’t know how to draw them because the note that’s bent to itself is causing Dorico to get confused as to where all the bends start and stop.

As I say, you can just copy and paste everything except the problematic note into a new project. See the file attached below - hopefully this is what you need?

fixed score.dorico (790.5 KB)

Thanks for explaining how the problem happened, by the way. I think I can see how it would occur, so I’ll log this for our developers to look at. The basic issue is that if you delete a grace note then any bends from that grace note onto a following normal note are not handled properly.

I would attempt to export as an xml file and then import it as a new file.

I believe the file I have attached above is probably a quicker starting point.

I copied all notes except the problem note and created a new project where I then pasted the notes. Now it works again. By the way: does Dorico Elements really not have the option of saving a project as a template?

Yes, that’s right: user project templates are a Pro-only feature.