Guitar Recording Dropout in Cubase 9

I finally got my Cubase Pro 9 today after years of using Cubase 6. As I was testing everything out, I noticed that during recording / monitoring my guitar with Pod Farm 2, the sound drops out for half a second occasionally (all tracks drop out, not only the guitar track). This didn’t happen with my old Cubase. Does anyone know how to fix this?

My laptop is solid, it runs on Windows 10, Core i7 7th Gen, 16GB RAM. My interface is the Steinberg UR22 plugged into an USB 3.0 slot. Tried messing around with the Device configuration with no luck…

I don’t have a UR22 but… maybe you need it to be connected through a USB 2 slot?

Regards :sunglasses:

Is this the same laptop you ran Cubase 6 on?

Is there any regularity to the drop outs?

Are you sure it only happens with pod farm…not on any playback or recording?