Guitar Rig 4

If I start a new Default project in Cubase 6.0.2, I can successfully load up Guitar Rig 4 as a track insert.

However, in an existing project, when I select Guitar Rig 4 as an insert on either an existing track, or in a new track, nothing happens.

Admittedly I am running XP SP3 so can’t expect Steinberg support; just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same behaviour and/or knows how to fix it?


I had this ones, turned out the Guitar Rig 4 window loaded on a not visible part of the screen (i use dual monitors).
Check out if it is listed under “windows”, if so, minimize the project in the project window.
The Guitar Rig 4 window maybe minimized or on a not visible part of the screen if so you can scroll to this part with the horizontal scrollbar.
If you found it, set it to always on top then it won’t happen again.

Hi Henky:

Thank you for the quick reply.

When I say “nothing happens”, I really mean nothing! Guitar Rig 4 does not appear in the Inserts list, no window is opened, and indeed there is no disk activity as there should be when loading a plugin.

I wonder if it is because the NI plugins are still VST 2 and not VST 3…

I have had this with busy projects.
It was a memory issue.
I was using XP Home with the boot ini switch. BFD2 was eating 1.4 gig of memory and the vsti’s and system resources were fighting it out for the rest of 2 gig of memory.
This meant that GR4 if loaded last didn’t stand a chance.

Hi Silhouette:

I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks. I am indeed using BFD2 in the project where GR4 will not load. I will freeze the drum tracks, unload BFD2 and see if it will load then.

Might be time to move up to Win7 64-bit !

That’s it ! I was actually using Superior Drummer, not BFD2, but once I froze the track and unloaded Superior Drummer, I was able to load GR4.

Need more memory…

It is one of the reasons that I am going 64 bit this week so I can get more memory.
However I will probably have problems with BFD2. Fingers crossed!
Glad you got it sorted.

FWIW GR4 is one plugin that has always worked perfectly for me in Windows 7 x64 (you get both 32-bit and 64-bit VSTs).