Guitar Rig 5 & Cubase 7.5 Settings

Hi guys,

Really struggling routing Guitar Rig 5 in Cubase.

I’m using a MacBookPro, with a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6. Any advice/help would be appreciated.

Hi… Can you be more specific? Does GR5 work properly when used as an insert?

Maybe not of much help, but lately I’ve been using Guitar Rig 4 both as insert and send fx without tweaking any settings.

Hi Dudley

Are you struggling to get sound or??? The way I use it is to put guitar rig as an insert on a input channel. The on main page choose that input channel as the input to the one you want to record on. Then make sure the Channel Monitoring button(the one with the little speaker)is enabled and that should do the trick.

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I’m struggling to get Guitar Rig to work in Cubase Artist 7.5 as well. Guitar Rig works as a stand-alone, both input from my guitar and output going through my UR22 audio interface, but I fail to get any sound at all when running it in Cubase Artist. It seems that a signal is picked up, but that’s about it …

I would really appreciate a step by step walkthrough, as I’m still struggling with understanding the Cubase Artist software.

I’ve come as far as to insert Guitar Rig on a track, and have clicked on the button mentioned with the little speaker on.

Hi There

Not sure if the UR22 has direct monitoring, I use a UR824 which does!!! If it DOES then you have to turn direct monitoring OFF in order to get guitar rig working live.

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Still working on Guitar Rig. I’ve been over to the Native Instruments forum, helpful crowd, but those who answered was basically using Guitar Rig for its effects. I have that working, and can use Guitar Rig as an effect on a plug-in synth, but when using it as an insert on an audio track there is just nothing. No input signal. So, how to get that input signal? Can anyone here help me?

use a high z input 2 on your UR22

in Cubase:
add an stereo track
check the input and output busses on the track, do they match input ch 2 from your UR22? you should get a mono in stereo out track!
load GT Rig as an insert
load a preset in GT Rig
Click the “Monitor” button on the audio track! Or you will hear nothing.

Direct in out will not obstruct the sound, it will just add a clean signal.

Good luck :wink:

It works! All I did was chose a stereo track instead of mono, why do the fellow in the video insist on mono? Thanks, Zerpio! You’re so my hero now! :smiley:

hi!!! i’ve got a recording problem… my guitar works fine, the guitar rig 5 works too, but when i try to record i can’t hear anything while i’m listening the stuff i recorded :frowning:

For me the problem with guitar rig is when… It works ( ok just a joke… :slight_smile: )

Here is one way to do it with a mono track.

(This works in Cubase Elements 8. But it is all standard stuff, so I guess it will work in 7.5, also.)

  1. Close Guitar Rig. :slight_smile:
  2. Make a mono-track in Cubase.
  3. Go to Inserts for the track, chose Guitar Rig 5 under effects.
  4. Click on the speaker on the track you record to, to monitor what you’re playing.
  5. Record
  6. When you want to listen to your recorded track, turn of the speaker/monitor button in the track.


Then do the same for another track, and you can chose a different preset in Guitar Rig 5 to get a different sound on that track.

When you export the song, all the different effects will be included in the soundtrack.
Another nice thing with this setup is that you can change the effects on the track anytime later, cause you record the raw audio, and puts the effects on just like any other plugin.


Ragnar, BusStopStudio.