Guitar Rig 5 & Cubse LE


I just got Guitar Rig 5 as a gift and I am trying to load it into Cubse LE, Im not sure which version of Cubase it is but it came bundled with the E-MU 0404 when i bought that in 2007, so its old. (attached is a picture of the Cubase splash screen with highlighted version)

The problem I am having is that I cant seem to get GR5 loaded into my audio tracks. The full program is installed and the VST .dll file is in the right location. (attached is a screen shot of the Cubase Device Information screen and the folder location and address of the GR5 .dll file)

I read that for the VST to be loadable into a project that the check box in the Device Information screen has to be checked. Currently it is not. I can check the box, but when I press update, the check mark disappears, and this is not so for any other plugin on the list.

I used to have Guitar Rig 3 a few years ago, and that ran fine with Cubase LE. Is there someway to fix this or is GR5 just outdating the version of Cubase that I have?