Guitar Rig 6/Cubase 12

Cannot get sound from GR6 in Cubase 12 Artist. Running GR 6 as a standalone app, it works fine. I see GR 6 in Cubase, but not sure how to get sound out of it. I am a novice, any help would be most appreciated.

So create an audio track, and set the input to be the line in of your guitar.

Then add Guitar Rig to that track as an insert

Ensure that the track monitor is enabled - and when you play it should all work.

If you can’t hear anything at that point but you can see audio activity on-screen then I’d imagine your outputs aren’t setup correctly in Cubase. So you’d need to check your audio settings in “studio setup”.

Thanks for the reply. So with GR added as an insert, I still just get dry guitar after selecting the particular preset in GR6. Clicking on the bypass switch does not change the sound at all. I feel like I’m missing something really basic. . .

There’s no reason to bypass it - that would disable the plugin.

You need to make sure that your guitar input is selected for the track that you have Guitar Rig on. And the (Yellow speaker) monitor is enabled for the track.

If you get nothing then it’s your audio interface that isn’t setup.

Or the audio ins/outs:

Also, do you hear dry guitar even when Cubase is closed - that’s probably just the direct signal coming from your audio interface. So don’t be mislead by that.

Once you have this setup, most people mute the direct signal via the audio interface hardware and monitor entirely through Cubase when using amp sims.

So, the dry guitar is coming thru Cubase. The Mix Console shows signal in both the input track, and the audio track. But when I bring up the GR6 window, that window shows no input, whether or not the GR6 insert is bypassed or not bypassed.

What interface do you use? Does it support direct monitoring? You want to turn that off (in Cubase).

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The audio interface is a Steinberg UR44. Turning off direct monitoring solved the problem. Thank you so much!

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Great to hear you sorted this.

Just one note, I see you’re running at 96hkz sample rate (Record format: 96khz - 24 Bit at the top of the screen)- that can be quite heavy on the CPU, especially if you’re using multiple instances of Guitar Rig 6.

If you don’t need to run at such quality you can drop it down to 48khz which is far less taxing on your system, and keeps project sizes down.

48khz is most popular option for most recording guitar.

Actually, GuitarRig should use a little bit less CPU at 96KHz, as it does not oversample any more at that rate. At lower than 48K, it does oversample.
But you’re right, of course, running the whole project at 96K means more CPU usage in general, and running at 48K should be fine for GuitarRig, as it adapts its oversampling to the project’s sample rate.