Guitar Rig 6 random failure as Cubase plugin

My setup:
DAW: Cubase 12 Pro
Interface: Antelope Zen-Q Synergy Core
PC/OS: Windows 11 Pro, Asus ProArt Studiobook H7604JI

My problem:
When starting Cubase for the first time with a new blank project and adding a new track with GR as insert, it works fine. And then later on the plugin stops working. Sometimes out of a sudden, sometimes after re-opening a project with GR6 plugin. The guitar track then is only audible as a clean signal. As if GR was not there or bypassed (which it isn’t). No way of getting it back to work anymore. It isn’t even selectable in the insert effect panel. Adding another GR as insert does not help. The input level meter of GR does not show anything.

Guitar Rig 6 works flawless in standalone mode. Regardless of this issue in Cubase.

All other plugins and tracks work just fine. Only GR is affected.

Anyone with a similar issue or an idea where to look?


Could you attach a screenshot when it happens? Maybe we will see something.

Isn’t the Constrain Delay Compensation enabled by any chance?

Constrain Delay Compensation did it!
If enabled, Guitar Rig is bypassed and grayed out.

Thanks so much. End of frustration.