Guitar Rig 7 le in Cubase

Sorry if i duped…I was able to download and install Guitar Rig 7 le. How do I get it into Cubase 13 it is not showing and has no .dll? I can run it stand alone but wont show up in Cubase


Native Instruments is installing the plug-ins to its own dedicated folder. Find the folder and add it into the list of plug-in paths in the VST Plug-in Manager.

Guitar Rig 7 LE also installs as VST3, so there is no dll but there should be a “Guitar Rig7.vst3” file located in your Program Files/Common Files/VST3 directory

can you check if the file is in there?

Also in Native Access you can check default directory for the installs, under Preferences / File Managment
VST Location 32 Bit and 64Bit

however, when i installed Guitar Rig7 LE, im pretty sure it only installed the VST3 version of the plugin into its default VST3 location, which is also scanned by cubase by default

Exo ok its in the dir vst3 but it doesnt show up inCubase as "other is media window for vst?


Make sure, you are looking at VST (Effects), not Instruments, please.

Martin…under vst effects ie guitar rig shows but when i open it there is no content and same for the other new addons?


Then this is not on Cubase side. It’s on the Guitar Rig side. Please, get in touch with NI.

What kind of?

celemony, klevgrand and guitar rig all those that were included in the free voucher with redeem codes all have no content they show up but no content??


All of these are 3rd party products. Please, install them from the 3rd party sources, including the content.