Guitar rig pro7

Hello I have Cubase 13 and Guitar rig Pro 7.
Standalone Guitar Rig works great but inside Cubase it is just bad, completely not the effect quality compared to the standalone GTR7, also hearing also the clean guitar plus GTR while recording. But first of all the quality really doesnt compare with the standalone. I use it as a insert, but maybe it should be a VST? Any idea?

If you are hearing both the clean and “effected” signal, chances are you have a routing issue. Either with your audio interface or inside Cubase. If you post what audio interface you are using, we might be able to help figure it out.

Hi thanks for answering. I use UR22mkII from Steinberg. I have set the track to stereo.
So the standalone should sound completely the same as the plugin version in Cubase?