Guitar sound only comes out of one side of my earphones

My Setup: Guitar → UR 22 mk2 → Reaper (up to date on an up to date Windows 10 laptop)
Problem: My guitar sound only comes out of my left side, weird thing is all other sounds come out of both. Youtube plays through both sides, but guitar only through the left one.

Things I’ve Tried:

  1. Setting my track to Mono and stereo
  2. Changing which input I use
  3. Restarted
  4. Reinstalled drivers
  5. Googling like a madman
  6. Changed which audio device system Reaper uses (Asio…)
  7. If I wiggle the headphone connection, I can get the guitar to come out of both, but then the computer sounds go quiet and muffled

I’m travelling and brought the laptop setup with me. This setup worked like a charm on my PC and this is the first time using this setup on my laptop. I’ve narrowed it down to some setting in Windows 10 I don’t know about, or a bum headphone jack on my mk2 that got damaged in transport. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Tyler
The guitar that only comes out of one channel, is that when using direct monitoring? Have you tried software monitoring?
Are you using a headset with microphone (ei a trrs connector somewhere)?